AvWings travels to Oshkosh 2000

click to enlargeAvWings publishing director, Tony Seran, relaxing at the camp.
click to enlargeAvWings managing editor, Fred Lloyd.
click to enlargeYou don't get in this airplane, you strap it on. The rear cockpit of a Sukhoi Su-29, the aerobatic hotrod. Note the performance maneuver card with diagrams.
click to enlargeOutside shot of the Sukhoi SU-29
click to enlargeAnother of the 1000's of great cockpits to check out.
click to enlargeThe timeless Pitts biplane.
click to enlargeCenter console of the Lockheed Hercules C-130. This is a fairly new -H model.
click to enlargeMain panel of the C-130H. Note the use of multiple electronic displays and the multitude of warning lights (small black squares).
click to enlargeCo-pilot's side of the C-130H. Note the promininet FMS computer and other controls.
click to enlargeA pair of Czech L-39's takeoff for a joyride. These have only recently became available on the US market and have been quite a hit. Costing less than a new Beechcraft Bonanza ('only' $250,000), the allow the prospective or wannabe fighter jock to cruise around at 400 knots and look like Mach-1 even when parked. Even though they are relatively inexpensive, they can burn a lot of fuel in a short time. Count on $400 to $500 per hour for fuel.

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